Where are the Cheerleaders?

I am convinced that more can be done for God. I am convinced that more can be done for our communities. I am convinced that more can be done for our country. I am convinced that there are people who want to, are even begging to do this work.

But there is something missing — cheerleaders!

Think about it. Whatever accomplishment you have in life is a direct result of at least one cheerleader. There was at least one person who, whether they truly believed in you or not, cheered you on. Unfortunately, today’s society (and today’s church) has turned away from being cheerleaders. So, I have to ask myself, why is this?

1. Isolation: The tendency of North American society is toward isolating ourselves and only caring about our own problems, challenges, dreams, and goals. If we don’t care about others we cannot encourage others.

2. Jealousy: This monster gets in the way of many who could and should be cheerleaders. Their thinking seems to be that if they didn’t think of the idea and if they cannot benefit from the idea then they want nothing to do with it; because they are jealous.

3. Control: Ronald Reagan said that much can be accomplished as long as “no one cares who gets the credit”. This could also be said of control. If you can’t be enthusiastic and encouraging without having a measure of control then there is something desperately wrong with you.

4. Laziness: To be a cheerleader takes effort. To do it effectively will take a piece of you; your time, your talents, and yes, at times your money. Being a cheerleader means being emotionally invested in the team and enthusiastically invested in the team’s success: winning!

5. Professional Perfectionism: We live in a society of professionals. In fact, “Leave it to the professionals,” is actually something that we say! Because of this we tend to look at someone’s idea or vision with skepticism. Instead of encouragement, our first thought is all of the reasons why that individual cannot or should not pursue their passion and vision. Here’s the deal. “Done is better than perfect.” Yes, it is nice to have everything pretty, perfect, and professional, but sometimes good enough is good enough. Be a cheerleader of the “good enough” today and it will grow into the excellent. Do not cheer on the “good enough” and your church, community, and country won’t even experience “good enough”

I am thankful for the cheerleaders in my life. My parents, my wife, teachers, and senior citizens who have taken the time to encourage and invest in my life. The other day a man  that I have looked up to all my life grabbed my arm as I passed by him in a hallway at a meeting and said, “Keep writing Brother Homan”.  First, I was encouraged that he even knew that I was doing a little writing. The fact that he took the time to be a cheerleader made a difference for me.

So, what’s the deal? Why aren’t you a cheerleader? Has pride and the flesh so consumed you that you have the warped idea that only you can do things “right”? Do you really think  you have all the answers? Have isolation, jealousy, control, and laziness so bound you that you cannot see past yourself to catch the vision of the massive amount of work that could be accomplished if you chose to be an encouragement to others?

There is much to be accomplished in our churches, our communities, and our country. There is much that can be done. There are people that have the desire and vision to do it, but they need that one person to be a cheerleader. By being a cheerleader you are able to see much more accomplished than what you can do on you own and in the process become one of those people that others point to as a help and an encouragement in their lives. 

Cheerleading = people inspired and work multiplied

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