The Power of Practiced Indifference

Here’s a fact for you today. – You can’t care about everything in the world without driving yourself insane.

You can’t be emotionally invested in every person’s sob story or every issue that comes across your path.

It’s impossible.

Over the years the concept of indifference has taken on a negative connotation.


Because everyone wants you to care about what they care about. And if you don’t — well, then you’re a terrible person.

But you’re not a terrible person.

You’re a human with limitations.

You can’t research, form an opinion about, and be emotionally invested in everything. Nobody on this planet has the bandwidth – the capacity – to care about it all.

What does everyone want from you?

They want you to be emotionally invested in the problems, issues, news items, and causes they care about.

In other words, they have chosen what’s important to them, and they want you to go all-in with them – investing your emotional energy and time.

But here’s the truth.

You also have a choice.

You get to choose what you care about – the causes, issues, and stories in which you will invest your time, energy, and treasure.

The newspaper, Facebook, Twitter, your friends, and the constant barrage of cable news don’t have the right to dictate what takes up your heart and mind today.

So What Shouldn’t You Be Indifferent About?

  1. Your emotional, physical, and spiritual well being.
  2. Your daily responsibilities.
  3. The emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being of family and friends.
  4. The real needs of those directly in your orbit. (People you can actually help today.)


The art of indifference isn’t the same as apathy. Apathy is caring about nothing and no one. Practiced indifference is choosing not to be invested in a news story. Indifference is choosing not to take a side in a neighborhood dispute.

Practiced indifference is choosing to prioritize the things in life that you can actually impact through the investment of your time, effort, and energy over issues and events that are outside the scope of your influence.

It’s setting boundaries for your heart and mind.

Today, free yourself from the idea that you have to have an opinion about everything, take sides on every issue, or be emotionally invested in every cause. You are only one person and have only a limited amount of emotional energy at your disposal. Putting that energy to use within your circle of influence and choosing practical indifference toward everything else will help you from utterly depleting your reserves.

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