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From time to time, churches, businesses, and their leaders need someone with an outside perspective or specialized skills to step into the picture and walk alongside them. After all, consulting is just a fancy word for assistance and advice, isn’t it?

Why does bringing in an outside consultant improve your standing as a leader within your ministry or business?

Because you saw the internal need and sourced an individual with the necessary skills and track record to assist with that need.

Overall, people within a church or business see bringing in a consultant as a strong leadership call, not an admission of weakness or insufficiency.




  1. If you’re looking for someone to wave a magic wand and solve all your personal or professional problems.
  2. If you already have your mind made up as to what needs to happen with your business marketing or church strategy.
  3. If you’re not ready and willing to put in the effort needed to make some significant changes (whatever they may be) in order to move the ball forward.

It Always Strikes Me Funny When I Go to a Consultant’s Website…

Usually, (just between you and me) what they write on their websites is a complete smokescreen. More often than not, their sites have been written by a professional copywriter who is paid to make unsubstantiated claims about the consultant’s capabilities, accomplishments, or credentials. How do I know? -- I’ve been that copywriter! How do they get away with it? The same way that restaurants get away with serving food that’s a mile away from the description and picture of the food in the menu. Have you noticed this? As soon as you order your meal, they take the menu away from the table (along with the mouth-watering food descriptions and pictures of beautifully plated grub). So now, your food shows up. You’re underwhelmed, but you can’t really remember exactly what it said in the menu, and you’re not about to ask for the menu back and give the waitress a hard time. After all, it’s not her fault… So, you eat your lackluster meal and pay for it grudgingly. That’s how many consultants play the game. Now you know. You’ve been warned. 😊

Here’s How to Win When Choosing a Church or Business Consultant

When it comes to bringing in someone to help with your organization, focus on choosing someone that you know, like, and trust. They may have the best references and run in all the right circles, or they may be the guy down the street that runs the muffler shop. Either way, bring in the person that has something to contribute to the conversation and that you know won’t hurt you. (Even if, in the end, they aren’t able to help you move the ball down the field as far as you would like.) And that’s perfectly okay.

Here’s why:


You’re Organization Runs on Relationships – not good ideas.

The consultants that have the most success are the ones that people can connect with on a relationship level. While a consultant may have the best ideas in the world, if you’re people can’t connect with him, the ideas are going to fall on deaf ears.


You’re Going to Accept Constructive Criticism Better

Why can your best friend get away with speaking the truth to you, even if it might hurt a little? You know them, you like them, you trust them. Constructive critique is part of the consulting process. Your followers have to be able to like the consultant as a person. If that’s in place, at least he’s got a shot at winning them over to his new, challenging, or different ideas.


You’re More Likely to Follow Through

Let’s just face the facts…
Change is hard. Change takes work.
And nobody…nobody likes being told what to do.
How does the guy from the muffler shop down the street convince you to do what you should do?
He makes you think it was your idea in the first place. He says something like, “You should think about maybe replacing those tires before winter.”
What does he really mean by that?
“Look buddy, those tires are bald, and you’re an idiot for not seeing that sooner!”
But, two or three weeks later, you find the money somewhere, and you get new tires.
Because, now it’s your idea.
The guy that you know, like, and trust can get you to follow through with the implementation of necessary steps.

Here’s My Ministry and Business Consulting “Sales Pitch” to You:

Are you ready?

Go home. Watch some of the videos on my YouTube channel. Ask yourself, “Could my people relate to this guy enough to take in what he may be able to teach them?”

If the answer is “Yes,” great, give me a call. 😊 I’m always happy to make a new friend.

If not, find the guy that your people will gravitate toward. He’s the right man for the job.


Because people listen to and follow the consultants that they can quickly get to know, like, and trust.

Have a happy day!

Jason Homan