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Freeing the Church to Emulate First-Century Christianity

In "Before the Box", author Jason Homan takes us on a journey through the church describing the boxes (traditions, expectations, and extremes) in which modern Christianity has encased itself. To move forward in our spiritual lives and to make our churches most effective for Jesus, we must get back to a time before these traditions, expectations, and extremes, a time "Before the Box."


God’s Servants in the Church

Don’t you wish you got along better with the deacons in your church? Don’t you wish you understood the deacons of your church and their jobs better? You can! In this concise guide we tackle the topics of the deacon, his job, and our relationship with him. Every church member and individual on the pastoral staff has the obligation to cooperatively work with the deacons that God has put into their church. Deacons can be great! They can be a blessing to you and to your church. Grab this short book, give it a read and immediately begin to improve your understanding of and relationships with the deacons in your church!


Sheet Music

These are a group of songs (in lead sheet format) that have been written out of a deep appreciation for music and a love for God. The songs range from goofy camp songs for kids to serious worship tunes and lyrics. These songs are written for the beginner to intermediate guitar/piano player.


Stepping Into a Life of Bold Surrender, Freedom, and Deep Joy

Our souls were designed to seek Jesus. Inherent in our very nature is a need for relationship, for empathy, and for love. Jesus does not leave us alone to stumble through the darkness. He takes the initiative and seeks us out. “Come away,” He whispers, “and sit at My feet.”

Too often, we become complacent in our walk with Jesus. Our love for Jesus withers, and the embers of our zeal grow cold. We settle for a comfortable level of Christianity, preferring comfort to courage and familiar territory to unknown ground. Satisfied, we neglect to seek Him.

Yet Jesus is calling us to seek Him. There are heights of joy and depths of peace that we have not known! There are precious truths we have not yet grasped. We can have a much deeper, more precious relationship with Jesus than we do today.

Join us in seeking Jesus, and discover the joy of His presence!


DIY Church Marketing is the definitive guide for pastors, church leaders, and laypeople who want to harness the power of digital marketing for their churches.

Being a church leader in the digital age has a unique set of challenges. The gospel of Jesus Christ has not changed. However, the methods available to us are vastly different from those used in the 20th century.

Though we will never change our message, it is necessary for us to expand our methods to reach our world for Christ. In the 21st century, God has given us some new, effective tools to share His Word with others. This book will help you learn how to make these tools work for you and your church.